Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bangaloreans !! Beware of HATHWAY broadband

I am one of the most troubled customer of SICKEST connection called Hathway.
I took Hathway, broad band connection in Bangalore, HSR layout, just 10 days back.
Dont know, what magic, first two days, it worked. After that, everyday, we call up their customer service, cos there is no signal at all. From the second, day, we call them up almost three times a day, requesting, begging, threatening, pleading....hmmmmmmm NOWAY. .......They are stubborn, that, they will not provide what they promised, not even 10 kbps forget 256 kbps, once they received the payment. I wonder they have some tie up with BSNL or any land line, the number of calls they get to their customer service, they might get commission......probably that is their income.

Bangaloreans !! Beware of HATHWAY broadband. They will put up stalls in ur street having all the marketing gimmicks. Finaly, U will end up repenting , .... only to look at the modem and blink, whether it will blink......or not !!!

Better to go for good ones, even though cost may be higher. !!! HATH WAY -- IS -- WRATH WAY


At 1:29 AM, Blogger gigatech2006 said...

Chennaites..BEWARE OF HATHWAY!!!
I have used Sify, BSNL and Airtel...but never ever have I come across such a service as crappy as HATHWAY!!! U shud see their ad campaigns...it goes like this.."New bullet fast package from Hathway-512kbps @ Rs.500/-". Hathway users will know that this sounds extremely ridiculous!

They dont respond to your complaints, unless u give them a verbal bashing! they dont give u a complaint number unless u ask for it. they dont follow up with ur complaint number the next time u call 'em up..making u narrate the entire scenario again! and they never never never never provide u the internet speed tht they have committed on paper. For a typical 512kbps hathway connection, u might get around 78kbps to 134 kbps. If u use this tool..www.numion.com, u might know the approximate speed. I tested the Airtel, Sify and BSNL speeds at some of my friends' places..and they all accounted pretty close to the commited bit rate! For a 256 kbps connection, this tool might show somewhere between 245kbps-265kbps!!
When i was writing this comment..the speed repoted by the tool was 113.65kbps, which is 14.20 kiloBYTES per second if u download a file(song, video..etc). Jus compare this with their 'Ad Campaign' statement mentioned above!

At 2:32 AM, Blogger shami said...

i had taken the LITEWAY NEW xtra plan on
14 june.......and paid 1686/- .. now my father has got transfer
so we cannot stay here in bangalore any more..... so i was worried whether they pay us the amount back by calculating usage........

At 6:08 AM, Blogger Sudheesh said...

I am from Bangalore and i too have pretty bad experience with hathway.

Their service is so terrible and does not have any Escalation Matrix .

we need to keep on calling them and will come with the least unprofessional reply

As a customer i am really unhappy.

At 11:02 PM, Blogger James Alexander said...

Hathway is a rowdy company, as my 10 days new conn was not working yesterday I called their customer office & it disconnects.

Their rep whom I called disconnects while speaking, so I went to a local Hathway office at Kammanahalli, where after 15 mins someone said this was not the Internet office and I need to go far away to Frazer town.

The guy said it so crudely I asked him to behave and how should I know. A senior person comes out and starts arguing did you not see the board - it does not mention internet etc and asks me why I was shouting.

The crude guy now lifts his hand as if to hit me - all for what, coz they dont have the courtesy of informing you decently, disconnecting calls and behaving like rowdies.

After seeing all the comments here I will not waste my time, I have asked for my money back and will be taking criminal action against their senior managers & CEO as it is with their backing they behave this way.

About 3 yrs ago I had to take one of their people successfully to a police station to get a connection as he was blackmailing me for shy high rates.

I believe Hathway is going into software & becoming a software company - write to the Govt, under secretaries not to let this Rowdy company give itself a decent face.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Spidy said...

Hi Guys i am Tiger from Mumbai... Hathway... lol what to say about this all know... but i wana tell that Hathway Sux 101% .. when in start i got the connection i gues to get 65KB download speed which is right on 512Kbps connection.. sonner within 3 months of time the download speed is like now 30KB on 512 connection... 30KB is speed of 256 Kbps.. HATHWAY is cheat they dont help us.. on top MTNL Broad band gives 225 KB download speed which is almost to 2MB connection.. well 1000 talks to 1 talk HATHWAY SUCKS... if i was Prime Minister.. i would ban Hathway company LOL

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Hamsa said...

even i am a frustrated user of Hathway. the net is down since 4 days and whenever i call they say ticket is updated and tech team will call you. there is no other contact than the Helpdesk number and mail. ultimately no one responds. Can any of you help me with contact details of some senior guys from them. i want to give them some trouble back.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger nav said...

Hathway are big cheats, bangaloreans, they are biggest frauds in bangalore, they take your money and hath,,,way your money,need to go to the court, and log a complaint in cosumer forum,,,,anyone solve this problem,

At 1:55 AM, Blogger Sourav said...

200% Hathway cable is the biggest cheat around.
This is sourav banerjee. I had booked a hathway broadband service on 22nd of Oct,2008. After 15 days i had booked it after my repeated calls to the helpdesk i was told that since i stay in a place outside your service limitations hence the installations cannot be done and was promised a refund. Till date there is no news of my refund. I am trying to understand the following things.

1> how a booking for a conection was taken for a area which Hathway Broadband doesnot service manage?

2> why there is such delay in the refund when it takes your salesman 5 mins to take the money.
3> expected day by which i will receive the cheque?

I stay in Egipura , Bangalore and email is sourav.neil@gmail.com

can anybody provide me a contact of a Higher authority of Hathway bangalore.

At 9:41 PM, Blogger DROID XII said...

Hathway sucks. Narsing is a guy in gandhinagar and he is a motha fucka... they all suck

At 1:30 AM, Blogger Ropemonk said...

They are crooks, cheaters.. I want to hang them up! I used their connection for 1.5 year out of no choice... Every Saturday without fail, my internet used to stop working and then it would be up only on a tuesday or later. When I call to register a compaint they would say " our technical person would get back to you" and nobody used to get back to you till you call atleast 3 times more. So much that once they asked my husband to go to a internet cafe to email hathway customer care about the complaint :( Horrible. And now I am off it... I shifted my residence and I have an Airtel connection. It has been a month since we moved that nobody came to collect the modem and refund me an amount of Rs. 1000/- which was said to be refundable.
My money is gone.. lost..
Please please knock these hathways guys out of Bangalore...

At 8:46 AM, Blogger yugsurya said...

I have taken Hathway connections from 10 sept 2010. The connectivity is hopeless.I have taken unlimited download scheme but the available bandwidth is 234 KBits/s dload and
88 KBits/s upload. Connection trips every half an hour. No reliability.
I am at INdirapuram Gyan khand IV.

At 12:50 AM, Blogger Ganesh said...

HI guys,

Hathway is providing very poor support as i chasing from 2 week about my issue.I am changing my servive provider and suggest people to change the hathway broadband connection and go for different provider.If we unitely do change the service it will affcet hathway and then only they will get lesson.I know disconnecting my connection hathwat doesn't affect but if every onr who face the issue do the samething as i am doing definately it will affcet them.


At 1:48 AM, Blogger Anil said...

Weel I am from bangalore, took the connection of hathway for 2 MBPS speed guess what 2 days i got terrific speed of 2 MBPS after that it got dropped to lestt 10 KBPS, when i call customer care they are horrible, they can't diagnoise the problem they say everything is fine and pone gets disconnected, I had to call 3 times a day, but no proper respone. HATHWAY SUCKS

At 9:34 AM, Blogger SP Gupta said...


MY ADVISE: If u dont want to suffer with frequent disconnection and same old repeated unrelated reply from customer care.. DONT USE HATHWAY..
there customer care
1)[turn off modem.turn on and try after 15 minute]
2) Sir your area is down. our engineers are working in the area
3) Fiber cable main line is cut. will be fixed soon
4) It will be solved in 1 hour.please call us if not solved again.
5) THE MOST IRRITATING ONE ... there customer care is open only till 10am to 7pm. STILL THOSE A$$h*les claims its 24x7 online support

At 1:38 AM, Blogger dicch! said...

Hey guys truly HATHWAY SUCKS to the core. People plz beware of Hathway bangalore. I had a worst experience with this hathway connection. It keeps getting disconnected constantly. When u call customer care u get this shit voice saying 'All our executives are busy shagging please call back later' I wasted all of my money for this shit ISP. Better go to Airtel costly but still good support!

At 1:24 AM, Blogger anil kumar said...

i was totally sick since two days because of hathway sales department hyderabad because my dad didn't scold me since my childhood but i got a list of badwords from hathway sales for asking to solve my problem.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Rishi Malhotra said...

An email to hathway


To whomsoever it may concern ( but would prefer if it can be forwarded to senior person in organisation),

i am an unfortunate hathway broadband customer with connection number 1227180 ( this number is now in my spinal cord as so many time i have called hathway customer care that even in sleeping i can recall it, thanks to hathway's best customer care team).

My connection with hathway broadband initiated on 5th December for a 50mbps ( it should be rather 0.005 mbps) 50GB package and since then it has been very torturous and frustrating journey, as it has been only 20 days with unlimited calls to customer care for compliant of internet not working.However nothing getting resolved and it has became a daily routine to call hathway customer care.

Than finally after 20 days someone from tech team (by name of Mr. Ashok) called and said there was some problem with junctions which has been rectified and now no problem. ( i asked him i have been calling 2-3 times in a day to customer care why it took him 20 days to rectify it, really why didn't customer care people forwarded to tech team initially when i was so frustrating calling them.

Anywayz i was hopeful that now whatever problem was there must have been resolved and now happy surfing but unfortunately within 10 hours net was gone and here i was calling customer care again but this time additionally i took nodal officer Mr. sanjay's number from ashok so this time an additional call to nodal office of hathway and there comes a huge reaction, one guy from tech team visited house on the same day spent almost 3 hours changing modems only ( some dummy modems, some new ones, i seriously do not think he knew more than that) and finally saying everything will be alright in next 24hrs do not worry, along with him also visited cable guys who checked cable and found no issues.

however within 2 hours of their visit, net was gone as usual and you wont believe while i am writing this mail there is still no net and i do not know when i will be able to send it (although i am hopeful, one day hathway will work..........just do not know when that day would be)

so please my request is to end my connection (refunding balance of money and take back your infrastructure including router and modem) as even if you can rectify my problem i do not believe you anymore and thus does not want to go through the mental torture again.

just also wanted to tell you that i was using airtel broadband from last 3 years and hopefully not even a single time i called their customer care as there was a seamless service.

Thanks and Regards for your frustrating services
Dr. Rishi Malhotra

P.S : Some of the funny replies and things of your customer care team.
1. Sir, your modem must be on for long time just stop and make it rest fro sometime and restart it
2. Sir, we can see your speed is fine in our system when i am saying i am not able to open even Google.
3. Sir, just give me an hour i will rectify your problem
4. I get a sms from hathway everyday saying that your problem is closed and solved which i do not how and when they can close the problem without asking customer who has raised it and when it actually has never been solved.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Ganesh .S.E said...

I was about to get hatw@y connection, but after reading this, I will not even think about it. Anyway thanks for warning the unsuspecting customers. :)

At 8:16 AM, Blogger YOGESH PAGARE said...

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At 8:18 AM, Blogger YOGESH PAGARE said...

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At 8:30 PM, Blogger Achintya said...

I was thinking of Hathway..reading all this noway Hathway...sorry for all the troubles you faced and thanks for sharing it !


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