Sunday, April 23, 2006

read quite a few issues about hathway

hey guys,
read quite a few issues about hathway in here but did not find anything similar to the problem i am facing.
So here it is:

Short story: I get a lot of request time out's to my gateway ONLY when i am downloading or browsing. It lags on voice conversations, pages freeze while browsing and downloads get interrupted in case i get a lot of request time outs.

Sigh. the longer version:

Got hathway cable on 1st january 2006, 64 kbps unlimited to start with. Knowing how service is in India i wanted to check if they gave me all the right stuff first. I was quite happy in the start cause downloads were great and i had no problem browsing on chatting on yahoo or skype. Towards the end of the month i noticed hat voice conversations were lagging. I did a check on download speed and it was still around 5-7 kbp at most times. Since I also noticed an issue with some pages freezing while loading I ran a continuous ping to the gateway and noticed a few request time outs.

Called up customer support at hathway and got someone who didnt know what a ping request was. got a complaint number tho and a promise that they would check on their end.

around the same time my voice convo's stopped and internet usage at home reduced so i didnt notice the issue much. called hathway again a month later with the same issue got someone who tried a few basic things like restarting the modem and he said he would have to forward it to this engineers. well nothing happened .

10 days back i called again cause the voice convos were getting real bad and i noticed that Only when i tried to download something or browse i recieve request time outs to the gateway(sometimes 5 in ten are time outs). Thought this would help them. but this further confused the cust support. i called three times that night and got the same guy three times(he refused to let me talk to his TL).
eventually he filed a report to his engineer.

So the engineer from local office calls me up and i tell him the exact problem again tell me he would send someone over. After two days of calling the local office i was given the cell no's of some wiring guys who are in my area. They come over do some changes to the modem wiring and say they say their part is fine and give me another number.

This number is for the a engineer at the local cable office and his first suggestion is the 64 kbps unlimited plan is too low and i should switch to a higher plan. I have a friend who has voice convo's on 40kbps so thats a crappy suggestion. Then he tried to set me up on USB to see if that works. SO i ran the setup with him and still the same problem. He tells me do only one thing at a time.
MAN I am just doing one download at 6 kbps and a ping to gateway. am i calling hathway broadband or dialup? So he couldnt figure it out and said he would check the connection and get back to me. So have to wait till tuesday.

I should mention that I have been using a new computer for the last 15 days.
Any suggestions guys? i dont think it should be timing out on a 64 kbps speed. what do you think?
Also I am in the andheri(w) versova area, gateway anyone else there having the same problem?

Thanks and regards,


At 7:47 AM, Blogger Japmeet said...

hey dude are u crazy or somethin me 2 hav a hathway 64 unlimited tho i did somethin else to get it (cant discuss it in cyberspace lol) but i hav the same prob. wid voice convo...... basically 64 kbps is not enuff for a convo. at least 128 kbps as u dont get dwlding spd of 64 kbps, only 7-8 kbps as far as ur frnd's 40 kbps is concerned either ur frnd is lyin or u r or dat guy noes networkin & hackin.
Let me explain u have to do some tweaks in ur server's system n ur account to get full 64 kbps dwld speed i hacked into my server to get a grand total speed of 4.5 mbps (download) but still i have a plan of 64 kbps.........i may guess that u may now understand things.....tho hathway does sux big time but i dont care till the time my net speeds are this high....


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